Monday, October 23, 2006

Ways to know you're uncool...#106

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Spelling/Grammar mistakes: >3

Months I've been out of the band: 4

Time it took to write and work up courage to send: 1/2 Hour

Procrastination out of doing thesis: Priceless.

Friday, October 20, 2006


This is to lighten the mood of the blog, and is a gift to all my honours friends entering the final week of hell.

When you're feeling low, watch this and all tension just melts away. Like a lava lamp. Makes sure you have the volume up.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Man, talk about a downer. Sniff. Animal stories always get me.

9 more sleeps till thesis no more! Argh! Yay!

Monday, October 16, 2006

Australian Idol - The 4th Judge #6

To honour the severity of this unforeseen tragedy* I will not post a round up this week. Its too hard.

This is right up there with the Ricky-Lee debacle of '04.

* And also because I can't be arsed.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Australian Idol - The 4th Judge #5

What is it you groovy bloggers say? Ahh yes, "Le Sigh."

Its a week late so the moment has passed. I'll quickly blog some random thoughts on the action of the last week's events:

- James and "G" wore the same jacket but in different colours. I would make a gay joke here, but, you know. Meh.

- Overall a really strong night. Highlights include Chris performing what I think was his best performance yet, "Play That Funky Music." Confident vocal and appealing tongue-in-cheek vibe. Also strong were Dean (complete with acrobatics) and Jessica (complete with animal print).

- Lavina looked super fat. BAD DRESS.

- "G's" body language towards Dean is super-telling. BUT I'M THE PRETTY ONE DAMNIT!

- Ricky, you keep letting yourself down with song choice. I'm afraid you're not very well liked. This is a shame because I really like what you do vocally. I do like that song though.

- The night was quite strong, apart from two disasters.

1) Lisa singing Blondie. Now, if she had attacked the song I would've let it slide that its not strictly disco. Instead though she continued to act like a spoilt, attitude-sprouting first class bitch. The thing is, Lisa, if Bobby wasn't up there kickin' it every week, using the talent he has to manipulate the music to his liking, you might be able to get away with the whole "this is so, like, not my thing, like, I need my guitar, like, totally" thing. And if Jessica wasn't up there being sweet, gracious and down-to-Earth, you might be able to get away with that rotten attitude. But as it stands, I hate you. You seriously need to go. Your original stuff wasn't even that good.

2) Damien singing "Celebration."In case you missed it, words can't really describe this performance. Instead, I'll use the magical powers of YouTube:

Obviously that's not quite accurate. Damien wasn't as good as that.

- Bobby Flynn. Bobby. Flynn. Flynn of the Bobby. Flynn. Bobby. Bobby. Flynn.
See, its all because of this guy:

The whole alternative vs mainstream debate. In the circles I travel in, its only cool to like Idol in a postmodern-ironic (Did I just link to wiki for postmodernism? Can you tell I'm going insane this month?) way or as a "popular cultural phenomenon" to study way. I like it in both these ways, aren't I cool?, and also genuinely. But generally, its not cool to like Idols. Especially if they are 'mock alternative,' as Lee is. And I agree, last year was a joke. The talent was rank. A couple of good voices with bland personalities and a few posers.

It would seem the producers (and their accountants) of this year's Idol agree, and so they decided to let 'real alternative' acts into the competition. And by 'real alternative' acts I mean people with guitars. Who were willing to enter. Now, people like Lisa and Dean and Damien I would've expected - corny singer-songwriters who really just want to be pop stars. But in amongst it came a real talent. Someone who clearly just thought, "I'll give it a go." They weren't snobby or too cool, they just wanted to try. Kind of like Casey Donovan. Or Guy Sebastian (who, when we think about it, is hardly mainstream). What I've loved about Australian Idol is the way voters haven't gone the predictable way (except for season 3 - maybe Kyle had something to do with it) and have supported all kinds of "wrong" acts. Lets hope Bobby Flynn is the next success story. Wouldn't that be something? It may even break the divide between alternative vs mainstream which is, of course, not as solid as some people think. After all, there are lots of people out there like me, who read things lots of different ways. Ken Gelder thinks its because if some sort of musical ability that's kept Bobby popular. this may be true, but I like to think its more that Australians love a "genius full mong."

Results: Chris, Ricky and Lavina in final 3. What a joke, Lisa needs to GO DAMNIT!

Bye Lavina, it wasn't that nice knowing you, you're as up yourself as your sister and you annoyed me. But whatever, you were never going to win.

Monday, October 09, 2006

Watch this space...

I will add my Idol round up sometime this week. It was a great episode and I have lots to say...but you know.... busy busy busy.

Don't fret.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Convoluted and tired...

Hi all,

Thought I should give a quick 'life update,' as I've been neglecting this blog lately. Apart, of course, from the wonderful pieces of literature I've been writing in response to Australian Idol, which I'm sure will one day be studied alongside The Bard.

But all in all, life's...uneven.

The big news is 'the thesis.' Its coming along. I'm at about 13,000 words and I have some more to write. I also have a lot to cut, so I think word count will be ok. My supervisor is happy with my theoretical work, she said it was "rigorous and robust," so that's encouraging. My major problem is my sloppy, convoluted writing style and bad use of grammar. This is no surprise to me. I'm terrible at basic level literacy and writing's never been my strong suit. I can formulate arguments, successfully analyse and scrutinise work, and research well. I'm a kick ass public speaker too. But getting my thoughts on a page...I find it difficult. So I will be taking my thesis to some proofreaders to work me through that, and it should be fine. Its OK my supervisor said "look, it's not so bad, it doesn't read like English is your second language." WELL PHEW!! That's a relief.

My personal life is ok. I'd like to state that I have some wonderful friends. They have been so super supportive over the past year. Including the boy who I've had dramas with - he's always at the other end of the phone for me. We've both been pretty stressed lately and we seem to be leaning on each other a lot for comfort...not probably the smartest thing to do, but it feels good. we're quite good for each other. He calms me and I cheer him up.

My hair is looking super hot, despite needing a cut. I've spent a fortune on:

Redken Fresh Curls
My hair is less frizzy and so nice and soft. Worth every penny. Now I need to cut it.

OK, well I'm off to visit my special friend to hang out. <----- Read into that what you will, sickos.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Australian Idol - The 4th Judge #4

Note: This may be the worst wrap-up ever. Its a day late, my video isn't original (Damn you Rach!) but I sware I found the video on my own, I couldn't be bothered doing the video links, and yeah...its just crappo. Enjoy!

This week's Australian Idol - The 4th Judge is brought to you by...George Washington.

The Show (The Year You Were Born):

Damien Leith
Its like the George Michael version. I love this song, its one of my favorite Elton John songs - but the arrangement was weak. It was very daggy, he looked very uncomfortable. Not his best.

Ricky Muscat
He's singing "I Come From the Land Down Under" with a Jamaican/American accent. Stupid. Great vocal otherwise. Good choice of song in terms of vote pulling. It could go either way. Ricky is showing that terrible ignorance when it comes to music before 2001.

Jessica Mauboy
She seems to breathing shallowly. And the tempo seems a bit stagnant. She's distracted. And yeah, she's holding back a bit. Oh well.

They're getting longer time to sing. And the theme of the night is crappo.

Bobby Flynn
Ooh! Eye makeup! I LOVE YOU BOBBY FLYNN EVEN THOUGH YOU LOOK LIKE LURCH FROM THE ADDAMS FAMILY! The pointing thing is funny. He's great. I think he is both a full mong and the biggest star in the world.

Lisa Mitchell
The cute thing is not doing it for me anymore. She over plucks her eyebrows big time. Nuh, I'm totally over it. Joke's over, go away. Kyle's right about the ballet flats, not stage wear. She needs to grow up.

Dean Geyer


Its all just so right: I rock, but I have great hair.
If this guy wins I'll be totally upset.
He's not shouting "SHOT THRU THE HEART," he's singing it. Its laking energy.

This guy is just so lame. I don't get it at all. He looks like a married guy. You know those guys...they're all like, married and shit. What a crap song choice. I'm so over mid-tempo rock ballads.
As much as I hate Kyle and everything he stands for, what he said about Triple J listeners holding onto their youth is almost right.

Lavina Williams
She's nailing it better tonight than ever before. Awesome. She's a bit annoying and lacks a warmth. "Getting Mutto to paint on your tats before the show..." That's funny. Damn you Kyle.

Chris Murphy
Good song choice. Best song choice of the night. That scream he does is killer. Did he just sware? HOW'S THE FUCKIN' BAND???!!!! I'll tell you: They consistently are lackluster.

Love Actually is on next. I'd rather pull my own hair out strand by strand that watch that sexist rubbish. It astonishes me that this movie is popular, it is the most transparent piece of misogyny I've ever seen. In a movie full of women, the only two women with any agency are Linney and Thompson. And they don't get a happy ending. To be a chick who gets a happy ending in that film you have to be: 1) Incredibly but effortlessly beautiful, 2) Passive, 3) Have no job, or if you have one be a servant to a man. Yeah girls, take your boyfriends. Its a great date movie, if you're Ike and Tina.

ROMY AND MICHELLE IS ON!!!!!! Love Actually, take note bitches. Keira Knightly...gross, give me Mira and Lisa anyway.

Pretty shit night, mostly due to a crap theme.


Wasn't home last night, so I know this because a girl in my cinema studies class told me. Thanks to her...don't know her name - isn't that terrible.

Mutto, Lisa and Jessica in the final 3...



Go Bobby. The girl and I were sharing our love for Bobby. He seems so out of it, like he's wandered onto the set from outside or something.