Sunday, November 25, 2007


Yays forevers! Howard is gones! Oh happy day etc and so on....

Last night I stayed at my parents so we could watch K-O'b sit there trying to contain his joy as Labor romped it home. All week I was saying to people at work and at home how exciting it was because next week this guy:

Whoops, wrong Rudd, I mean THIS guy:

Was going to be the PM. Everyone was like: 'Stef, don't say it, don't get my hopes up!' But it was pretty clear that Ruddy was going to win, the big dork.

And while I joke (and for sure, the highlight of evening was watching Kerry O'Brien try to keep cool, and have a mental at The Chaser's antics) there was a moment during Rudd's speech when I looked over and my mum was crying, and I realised what was happening, and I held her hand.

It was as if all the pessimism she and I had been living through was finally beginning to clear a little. Its not all the way lifted, but I can see a light in the distance now. Howard running the country was slowly over 11 years breaking us down, breaking our spirits. When I saw things happening in our great country that I thought only happened in the third world or in dictatorships, and when I knew the people in my community voted for it, it was hard to see the future.

Mum an I held hands and we knew that, while not out of the woods, we would no longer be shaking our heads in disbelief and despair every weekend at the state that our home was in. He is gone now, and it is time to fix the damage.

I even feel a bit better about my own little life.

Sunday, November 18, 2007


OK, so after slipping into a sort of....funk (No, I'm NOT going to say the D-word, even though it may be appropriate, I'm not going to go there here, give me some credit). I'm TRYING SO HARD to see the bright side of things. Because happiness follows positive actions and vice versa etc, you know what I mean.

Phew, it's tiring.

So this post is to go through some of the great parts of my life. It is Thanksgiving today, so I'm going to be thankful for all of the wonderful things in my life right now. In no particular order:

I live in a pretty cool share house in suburb de jour, Brunswick.

I just got a kind-of promotion, where I get a pay rise and more challenging work. On top of that, my workmates are all pretty cool people who I respect and get along well with, and I think they might even like me too, which is cool.

After a slow start to the second season, my serial TV show of choice, Heroes, is beginning to pick up some speed, with Hiro back in the present, Peter regaining his memory (and hopefully some balls - Peter needs to seriously STEP IT UP this season and do some Sylar-Adam arse kicking), the revelation of Adam's identity (can't believe I missed that), and a bit of sexy looks between Mohinder-Nikki-Nathan. Me likey! Oooh, and Matt's powers are growing. All good stuff. Keep up the pace Tim Kring, and thanks for listening to the fans.

My housemates have pointed me towards Empire Cafe on Sydney road - good organic coffee, yummy food, a non-pretentious non-threatening atmosphere, and..... FREE WIRELESS!!!! I shall live here now.

I finally bought some super cute capri pants and when I wear them with my red flats it is very Audrey Hepburn and I love it.

I'm surrounded by some pretty wonderful and supportive friends and family. Truly, I'm very very fortunate.

Sleep is getting slightly better.

I have pretty great hair (I was going to add it needs a cut but, no, positive) and it can pull off pretty much any colour, its currently burgundy and I love it, but it is also comfortably blonde. How lucky am I? (I'm aware that this and the capri one are very superficial, but beggars-choosers etc)

So....yeah. I'm a pretty lucky person, and I have a lot to be thankful for.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.