Saturday, August 18, 2007

Blogging on a Saturday night while watching Dr Who...

.... Has my life come to this?

I remember when I used to spend all my time on Rotten Tomatoes, arguing why Magnolia was pretentious shit and creating my top ten hottest US actors under 30 (Adrian Brody and Joaquin Phoenix featured heavily, if memory serves). I was friends with American film fans called The Kid with the Helmet, and The Blue Bomber. I don't speak to them anymore. I don't go there anymore.

Back then, it was a pretty shameful thing to do, spend all day on an Internet message board, talking about stuff with people you never meet. I did it for three years. Now, all my friends, even the cool ones....especially the cool ones, either are on Facebook or have a blog or both. Talking on the Internet about stuff with people they have not met. I guess MySpazz and Facebook enable pre-existing physical relationships, but sometimes I miss the mystery and discovery of bonding over the shared love of a hobby comparing tastes and making jokes and arguing.

And somehow I still feel like the biggest nerd on Earth.

Last year I ventured away from the Internet off into the 'real word'. And today I'm finding myself home on a Saturday night blogging watching Dr Who...hmmmm....

Apologies, but I'm finding I'm tired and scattered a lot. I just thought I should blog.



Well, I just read something to blog about.

Tell us how you really feel, Deveny.

I mean...Jesus. Do you think she lives in Eltham? You know: hippy non-materialistic, but quietly loaded so they possess that ugly combination of guilt-fuelled preachiness and just a hint of snobbery over all those vulgar masses. Those...bogans.

Now, I don't watch Border Security or McLeod's Daughters or Sea Patrol. I don't like Eddie McGuire. I'm leftist. I was raised by a Broadmedows-Greek dad and a Preston mum. I went to school in Eltham and did and Arts degree at Melbourne Uni. Basically: Reformed bogan.

I mean, why does every leftist in the media come across like a crazy person shouting obscenities on a sidewalk? The annoying thing is that I agree with Deveny on the show and on most issues, but she always comes across like a bitch from hell with a serious superiority complex. What is she trying to achieve? Enlighten the few bogans who read The Age, or further the class divide between the broadsheet-readers and the rest, those uneducated, ugly, bigoted, sheep-like bogans? Those idiots, they sit there unwillingly laughing at themselves with Kath and Kim. Oh save them Catherine!

How am I supposed to solidify myself with the left when I hate their smug guts?

On a side vote, The Sideshow is on... hmmmm, everyone in the audience were late teens/early twenties... people trying to live Good News Week. Much like the performers.

My, I'm being quite the bitch today aren't I?