Friday, June 23, 2006

St Kilda, Borat, Superman and Me

I'm a Brunswick St girl.

Now, I know that's not something I should be shouting from the rooftops. I'm not always into labeling myself in those sorts of "I only get coffee from these four places:..." or "I'm only into jazz fusion" ways. I'm pretty flexible and, I'd like to think, openminded about my practices. I like Justin Timberlake. I think Reese Witherspoon rocks (although she does look bitchy). But I'm going to have to make a categorical judgment based on very limited but potent experience:

I don't like St Kilda, I don't go there much and never plan to.

Its like Chapel St parading as Brunswick St. Its like Napoleon Dynamite. Produced by MTV but playing to the Wes Anderson, Spike Jonze audience: enjoyable at first glance, and funny and inventive even. Then you look around you at the cinema and you see the people who would normally be watching an Adam Sandler comedy going "this is really different! Cool!" and you think, well, no actually it's not that different at all: it's Rushmore meets Freaks and Geeks. Now I know that's all very snobby and elitist and wanker of me: "haha, these plebs who watch Adam Sandler, little do they know of Freaks and Geeks", and its the whole "things that are cool and underground loose their cool when they become mainstream blah blah blah" but seriously, St Kilda sux. Napoleon Dynamite has some funny one-liners, but to call it original and worth effort - not for me.

I was at this bar called Robarto on Wed night to see a friend play with his jazz combo. I was given the eye by this guy in a suit who looked about 35-40 while watching my friend, brother and Trumpet jam. I felt like such a boring groupie. There were heaps of young girls dressed either like the girls on Big Brother or like they were from 1995. Serena from Neighbors was there. I GOT I.D.ed!!! It was just like The Secret Life of Us. I never liked The Secret Life of Us because I didn't like the world. The friends were this weird mix of people who you knew would never really get along, all living this weird St Kilda lifestyle. With angst. Its too pricey to pass as Carlton/Fitzroy/Northcote/Brunswick student/bum area but it tries to create this air of edginess to give it some sort of cool. It did seem like the actor's town. You can tell why Dave Hughes lives there: its where non-cool people go to get cool.

Now, I know Brunnie isn't what it used to be. It's "sold-out" a bit. Boy, I'm sounding so emo. But its still scummy enough to feel a bit scared at night unless you're with a boy, and there are still a few freaks around there, and that's cooler than a few hookers will ever bring you, St Kilda.

Meanwhile, the trailer for Sascha Baron Cohen's (aka Ali G, aka Isla "I'm a writer too" Fisher's fee-an-say) Borat movie has been released here at Yahoo. Yeah, I'll see that.

Harry_Knowles over at AICN has published his review/rant of Superman Returns. Always a good read, old Harry. The movie looks pretty solid, but I haven't been impressed with trailers or marketing so much.

I'm starting to write my first draft of my thesis now, I'm feeling good. Not confident, per say, but good about finally starting.

The Footscray Yarraville City Band was on ABC774 Wednesday night. I'm in it. Listen to our performance and vote for us here. Sorry about sound quality. That's my bro playing "the rather big drum" and Trumpet playing the Queen of the Night solo on Soprano Cornet. What stars the boys are.

* I should apologise to anyone from St Kilda. I did have a good time (due to my company, mostly) and it was not meant as an attack on any individual. I'm sure you're all very nice. I'm more complaining about the Fitzroy St vibe as a whole. Feel free to bag Brunswick Street or my lack of coolness (i'm pretty use to it) if it'll make you feel better.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Brazil-2, Australia-0, Me-Glad to be Awake

So my mother, brother, my brother's girlfriend, my "guy-I'm-involved-with" (let's call him Trumpet), and my good self had a mini Australia vs Brazil World Cup par-tay Sunday night.

Here's how the night unfolded:

- 8pm Trumpet and I get home from band. Mum had cooked a traditional roast (With GRAVY!), which we ate with vigor. I love my Mum.
- 9pm Trumpet and I played on the computer, I showed him my new blog, we listen to Miles Davis
- 10pm Trumpet and I watched a nature documentary with my mum
- 10.45pm We get word that my dad got a flat tire on his courier run and may not make it home before the game
- 11pm Trumpet and I retired to try and get a few hours of sleep (we got about 1 hour)
- 11.30pm Brother and his girlfriend arrived home from helping my dad on his courier run
- 1.45am Alarm goes off, I get up, expecting party zone - Mum is asleep on the couch. She says my bro and his gf PROMISED they'd get up. Trumpet and I eat chocolate mousse.
- 2am Game starts, I open the commemorative packet of cheese and bacon balls
- 2.15am Bro and GF stumble in. I tell them they are weak, reverse pikers
- 2.35am Bro, GF, Trumpet, and I discuss the FHM list of Sexiest 100 Women 2006. Michael Leslie is in the 80's, her picture makes her look worse than normal - if that's possible. Predictably, Jessica Alba takes top spot
- 2.40am Dad and helper arrive home for quick coffee, then leave
- 2.45am Half time, Brazil 0 Australia 0 - things look positive
- 3am Game recommences, brother opens the Brie
- 3.05am Brazil score, brother and Trumpet are devastated
- 3.15am Mum realises that there is a Brazilian player called KaKa - in Greek this means poopoo. Mum and bro's GF giggle uncontrollably whenever he is commentated on from that point onwards
- Time unknown - Harry Kewell nearly scores, bro and Trumpet nearly die, I'm getting sleepy
- Time unknown - Getting very sleepy, eat Brie and cheese and bacon balls to wake myself up
- 3.48am Brazil score again, brother and Trumpet are now a bit tired, dejected and grumpy. My Mum does an impression of the Australian coach slapping his hands in disgust and hits her own head, leaving a read mark. I laugh a lot. Trumpet and I discuss when to get up. I have to work at 9am, we mull over waking at 7am. I decide I will pull a sicky and wake at 10am
- 4.50am Game ends
- 4am Trumpet and I say our goodnights, retire
- 8.45am I get up and call work
- 10am Alarm goes off
- 12 noon We get up

Overall I had a great time. Pity we didn't win. Or just score. Or even draw. Oh well. Bring on Croatia.

Meanwhile, my dad brought home today THE BEST MAGAZINE EVER! And along with it he brought the first puppy, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (see below, pics don't seem to be loading today). As far as I'm concerned, all people should be photographed with a wide-angle photographical lens. Then who'd win FHM sexiest? Probably Alba. Ah, the perks of having a father who delivers shit for a living! Free shit! And no, he's not a proctologist.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Long Time Gone

I know the four people who have viewed my profile and the 3 girls in my class who read this have been waiting with baited breath for my "sophomore effort". Yep, I've delivered my reservoir Dogs, my Donnie Darko...Will this be my "epic" Pulp Fiction, or my disaster Southland Tales?? Yep folks, looks like Richard Kelly has crashed and burned. Damn, and I was looking forward to that; it has Stifler (love that "jock" vibe SWS has going on - macho hot) and a cool official site. Although the outlook was bad when Kelly promised the world with the site and an accompanying comic - and nothing has happened. That sounds so like something I do: "Yeah, yeah, I'll do the band's newsletter - easy!", "Yeah sure I'll come to the BBQ, I'll make my famous quiche!" (note: there is no famous quiche), "Yeah sure I'll have that essay in on time."

Yep, I'm looking much more like Kelly than Tarantino, although I do a good Tarantino impression. It consists of me saying something about Charles Bronson, then saying "yeah man, alright..." Its gold.The Classic Pose

Who am I kidding? No one was waiting for this. Sigh. Well, my essays are in and so I have more time to do this now. Hopefully future entries will be better. Note the picture added. Its.....A Monet painting! I dunno why, I thought it looked pretty.


Oooh! SBS are doing a Jarmusch Retrospective. I'll finally get to see Dead Man.