Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bloggn' in '07

From Thailand with...

This was the view from our balcony on Koh Tao in Thailand. Quite spectacular, yes. Here and Now: CFT, apart from having the best location and views on Koh Tao, was quite an unpleasant place to stay. The staff were outwardly unfriendly and unaccommodating, never displaying any sense of consideration or concern for guests - strange considering that was basically, you know, their job. For a place that was supposed to be all new-age positivity promoting good energy, the energy was pretty bad. Then again, it has been my general experience with new-age types that they are not the most moral of creatures, despite their self-proclaimed on-to-it-ness. But overall, Thailand = good.

And so a new year begins. While there are a million things I could blog about - new tap dance classes, job searching, new friends, relationships, how much I love "What Goes Around" by JT, the prospect of FINALLY moving out of home - I prefer to blog more about popular cultural issues I know about, like Joss Whedon leaving Wonder Woman (seriously, I wrote a thesis on Internet fan communities in Cultural Studies and I STILL DON'T GET THIS GUY!), and Oscar Nominations. You know, the real important stuff.

I'm still deciding whether to morph this blog into a cultural critique blog or to just start up a more "professional" one. Once I've made my decision I'll let you know. I will be starting a Flickr account though - Yay!

OK, that's enough.